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I was renting a property from an estate agent who had me pay over the odds when I asked to fast track the application. I moved in and they did not clean up the flat. I would have liked to clean it but the boiiler was broken and took a month before they fixed it. In that month I became very ill from I believe E-coli. These health problems affected my work and by the time the boiler was fixed I had already started having problems with work and I started down the path of depression eventually loosing my job as the problems with the flat only mounted. I had no fob to enter my building and had to wait sometimes for hours for someone to enter the building to come in with them. The washing machine was also broken from day 1. They sent an "engineer" to fix it but told me the washer was fine. It filled to the brim and would not drain. I asked them to fix this problem they would not. I asked them to arrange some kind of reduction on the rent they ignored me or never phoned back. I had to put a stop on my direct debit to eventually get a phone call but by this point I had lost my job. I had to claim benefits in order to not get evicted as they were threatening to leave me on the street. From day 1 when I realised the boiler wasn't working I asked them to cancel the contract and I would move elsewere they would not discuss this as an option it was a categoric no. The list goes on and on. I havenow moved out and my clothes in the washer were never returned and my deposit was not either. I found out that my deposit was never protected on DPS but they are claiming it was and I was given 14 days to contest the list of problems they claim I had left in the flat. They claim I had no returned the keys but I handed them into a solicitors to hand them in for me and they confirmed that the keys were handed in on time even early. I would like to speka to somoen about sueing this company as I lost out on a great job, my girlfriend and I was even considering taking my life at the worst of times. Can someone adivse? I have proof to support my statements.

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