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I am a student came here for 12 years, however, they just told me the visa application back to 2009 was VOID, and was detained me due to susspect overstayer, however, I was not, I have wrote to HO without any reply. I could not go to college, could not finish exams due to HO was holding all my passport and documents. can anyone help me with my case plz? they did not do anything about my case except 2011 updated informaiton on their system shows that try to refuse my application without a resonable explanation.

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Kavita Bachada

Kavita Bachada's response

We may be able to assist you with this if you can contact us on 02476 314 360 and say that you are calling in response to this message on the good lawyer guide. we would need to see your documents to assess and advise accurately.

Alternatively, our office mobile is 07515 485 803.