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I am having problems with a management company who refused to manage our conversion flat, we went ahead and insured our "block" last year independently. They have sent me a bill to say i owe them for the buildings insurance for the year 2010 . I wrote to them and said we had been insured independently and was going to go through the same insurance as last year as they were a good insurance company, i wrote a letter to them explaining that I didnt owe them any money as they had categorically refused to manage our building and said they were only collecting the ground rent from tenants. We had no reply to the letter that I sent asking where did the insurance bill come from. Yesterday I received a letter asking for insurance for £200 and today I received another one saying I owe them £795 for 2010 and 2011 insurance!! This company has said in the past they want nothing to do with the management of the flats!! Now they are demanding insurance for 2 years and also fees on top of that, they have sent me a letter saying that they will inform my mortgage people and will take me to court if I dont pay them. Please give me some advice on this I am at my wits end as I have paid my insurance already! Surely if they have only said they want to take care of the ground rent and nothing else they cant demand money from me. Also dont you have to pay up front for your buildings insurance.Please help!!

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