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I am a female british citizen (born in the UK), and married in 2007 to a Pakistani citizen. My husband was granted a spouse visa after the marriage, and we lived together for almost 2 years. During these 2 years, my husband beat and harrassed me, was physically violent, and abusive towards me. In april 2009, I gave birth to my son, and decided to separate from my husband. My husband held my son briefly in the hospital, and I did not allow him to see my son again. He returned to Pakistan for several weeks, and then came back to the UK. He went to court to ask for contact, which was granted, he was allowed to see my son every fortnight for 1 hour at a contact centre, starting in march 2010. However, the contact was a nightmare; my son didnt want to see him, my son would scream and cry, he would become physically sick, and extremely distressed, to a point where it was affecting his development and health. A Curator was then appointed, and she came to the conclusion that contact was not in my sons best interest, and should not be granted. The contact has now been stopped, but my husband has managed to get a new visa, which expires in 2013. How can he be granted a visa when the marriage no longer exists? He was not eligible for an indefinate visa as we had separated before he applied. I do not want him to be in this country, as I feel extremely threatened by him. His intention is to secretly remove my son from the UK, and take him to pakistan. An interdict has been put in place, but that does not determine that he will not do as he wishes. is there anything else that I could do, to get him removed from this country? Thankyou, living in fear every second

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