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From previous message a section 47 assault…I gave an account close to this on interview and denied punching or kicking him and then was bailed due back at the station. I have no previous convictions but have 2 offences for being drunk and disorderly one dating back 5 years and one last year. I’m aware that the pub in question does not have cctv, I have since been told by people who are local the pub that the police have been into pub and that witnesses have said I didn’t punch or kick him. I have several friends who were with me that night who have stated they would give a statement should I need one. One of my friends who is a police officer was there and called police when the other fight had broken out. He also tried to contact the arresting police officer to give his account of what happened, the police did get back in touch with him by message and gave him a number to contact but the number just rings out. At this moment in time I’ve not got a solicitor involved. I’m hoping for a NFA (surely his lies will not be believed) What are the chances of this going to court? Any advice would be helpful

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